Bulk Item Pick Up

Wednesday, November 15, 2023 - 12:00am



The Town of Yadkinville will pick up any large or bulky items on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of every month. Citizens must call Town Hall at (336) 679-8732 to schedule a bulk trash pickup by the Tuesday before each Wednesday pick up.  Calls made the day of pick up will be scheduled for the following pick up date.

Please observe the following guidelines for bulk item pick up:

  • Bulk trash includes household items such as furniture, mattresses, rolled carpet, metals, fencing, flooring, plaster, gypsum, lumber, siding, and appliances that are too large to fit into your roll-out container.
  • The Town of Yadkinville will pick up televisions but there is a $10.00 charge that must be paid before we pick up the television. Computer screens are a $6.00 charge.
  • Do not put bulk trash out until the night prior to the pickup.
  • All loose scraps need to be in bundles of not more than fifty pounds. Each bundle is considered to be one item.  Items that need to be bundled: carpet, metals, fencing, flooring, plaster, gypsum, lumber, and siding.
  • Trash must be separated by content (metals/other trash).
  • The town will collect up to five (5) bulk trash items per household. There will be a $7 charge for every item over the limit, which will be billed to the customer.  Failure to pay this bill will result in the Town no longer providing the service to that customer.
  • Tires, batteries, building materials (brick, block, mortar, cement, concrete, gunite, insulation, shakes, shingles, sticks, or stones), closed containers (such as oil drums), liquids, chemicals, hazardous wastes, logs, and stumps WILL NOT be picked up.
  • Bulk trash WILL NOT be collected from businesses and institutions.