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Board of Adjustment

The Board of Adjustment shall consist of seven (7) members, including a proportional number of ETJ representatives as required by NCGS 160A-362, and may have up to two (2) alternate members to serve in the absence of regular members. The same members of the Planning Board may serve as the Board of Adjustment.

Appointments made by the Town Board of Commissioners and shall be residents of the Town. ETJ appointments shall be made by the Yadkin County Commissioners in accordance with NCGS 160A-362. At the time of their appointment, members shall hold no other official municipal government position except on the Planning Board or housing authority board.  Board of Adjustment members shall be appointed for three (3) year terms. Terms shall be staggered so as to allow the appointment of new members each year. Upon expiration of a member's term of office, that member is expected to continue service until a replacement is appointed by the Board of Commissioners.

Name Sort descending Title Phone Number Term
Anna Logan Howe Chair - January, 2022 to January, 2025
Christy Ellington - - June, 2023 to June, 2026
Danny Coe - - January, 2023 to January, 2026
Jeff Gibbs - - July, 2023 to July, 2026
R. J. Speaks - - January, 2022 to January, 2025
Steve Brown - - April, 2023 to April, 2026
Tony Snow - - January, 2022 to January, 2025
Virgil Dodson - - June, 2023 to June, 2026