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The Manager is appointed by the Town Board for an indefinite term solely on the basis of administrative qualifications. The Manager serves as the chief administrative officer of the Town and is responsible for carrying out the policies and laws adopted by the Board.

The Manager is empowered to make all personnel appointments, supervise the work of all town departments, enforce the laws and ordinances of the Town, prepare and recommend the annual operating budget to the Board for approval, and conduct the day-to-day business of the Town.

The Manager attends all meetings of the Board with the right to take part in discussions, but without the right to vote, and carries the responsibility for making recommendations to the Board as he deems necessary for the benefit of the public.

Town Manager - Mike Koser

Finance Officer - Hunter Gooden

Town Clerk/Tax Collector - Alex Potts

Planning Director -

Senior Customer Representative - Morgan Mickalowski

Administrative Support Specialist - Viviana Garcia

Event Planner/Grant Writer - Lauren Willard