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Code of Ordinances & Policies

Town of Yadkinville Code of Ordinances

Town of Yadkinville Development Ordinance-Title 9 Adopted thru 02-06-2023

Town of Yadkinville Development Ordinance (Title 9)

In addition, here are some recent revisions to the Code that may not be posted on the above site and some policies of the Board:

Issued Permits, Licenses, and Registrations

State Laws Regarding License and/or Permits for Precious Metal Dealers


A canvasser, solicitor, or calling at residences without the previous consent of the occupant for the purpose of soliciting orders, sales, subscriptions, or business of any kind, or seeking for information or donations.   

Transient Vendors

Any person, firm, or corporation whether as owner, agent, consignee, or employee, that engages in the business of selling and/or delivering goods, wares, or services from temporary sales locations, whether on the public or private property and for temporary periods of time at said locations.