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On this page, we will try to answer several frequently asked questions. For additional information, please call our business number, 336-679-2863.

Urban Archery Season:  Google Maps (City Limits shaded in light pink) or Yadkin County GIS Mapping


It is the responsibility of hunters to locate properties to hunt, ensure that hunting is within the corporate limits, and obtain WRITTEN PERMISSION to hunt upon the property. Written permission is required in Yadkin County and must be presented upon request by each hunter.


Hunting during the Urban Archery Season is allowed ONLY in participating municipalities.

Yadkinville Town Hall

The Urban Archery Season is available for cities, towns and villages that submit to the Wildlife Resources Commission by April 1 of each year a letter of intent to participate in the season. A map clearly defining the area included in the season should also accompany the letter of intent. Interested municipalities should call the Division of Wildlife Management 919-707-0050 and request to be contacted by a district wildlife biologist. Following is additional information and restrictions pertaining to the Urban Archery Season:

  • Deer harvested during the Urban Archery Season must be registered via telephone 800-I GOT ONE or online at Deer harvested during the Urban Archery Season shall not be registered with a wildlife cooperator agent.
  • Season bag limits, as well as possession limits, for both antlerless and antlered deer, including Bonus Antlerless Harvest Report Cards, that apply to the general archery, muzzleloader, and gun deer seasons also apply to the Urban Archery Season.
  • Deer of either sex may be harvested in participating areas during the Urban Archery Season. Hunters harvesting an adult buck that has dropped its antlers should validate the kill and insert the harvest authorization number on an authorization space specified for an antlerless deer on the hunter’s Big Game Harvest Report Card or Bonus Antlerless Harvest Report Card.
  • Hunters wishing to hunt in an area participating in the Urban Archery Season should call the participating municipality or visit its website to obtain a map showing lawful areas to hunt and additional information on specific restrictions that may apply to each area.
  • The Urban Archery Season does not obligate private landowners to allow hunting on their property, nor does it eliminate the ethical requirement for obtaining permission from the land - owner before hunting. Hunters are legally required to obtain written permission to hunt on posted property.




Permit applications are available online and must be submitted 60 days in advance of the event. Contact us if you have any questions.

Permits and Applications


The Town of Yadkinville prohibits unscheduled door-to-door sales. If a vendor has a scheduled appointment with the homeowner, home sales are allowed.

Violations are punished as a Class 1 Misdemeanors for each day of operation not in compliance.

Come by the Police Department and we will be glad to make a copy of your report.

A criminal background check must be obtained through the Yadkin County Clerk of Superior Court office, located inside the Yadkin County Courthouse.

The Yadkinville Police Department no longer maintains paper copies of accident reports. All accident data is collected and sent electronically to DMV where it is stored in digital format. Under normal circumstances, we can retrieve an accident report within 48 hours after upload. You may request copies of accident reports by telephone or in person at the department. Please provide the date and location of the accident, and the driver's license number of the person involved in the accident.

There is no fee for this service at this time.

The Town of Yadkinville occasionally sells or auctions surplus inventory on an "as needed" basis by sealed bid, public auction, or online auction. You can contact Town Hall at 336-679-8732 for current surplus property, or visit to see current listings.