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Hinshaw Garden

Mrs. Lucy Hinshaw Crater, daughter of Sylvester Tippett Hinshaw (1860-1939) approached to Town of Yadkinville to see if the Town would accept and maintain Hinshaw Gardens. At the June 03, 1980 Board of Commissioner Meeting, Commissioner Doug Anderson made a motion to accept Hinshaw Gardens for perpetuity if Mrs. Crater will agree to put $50,000 in a trust for the maintenance and the upkeep of the garden. Commissioner Luther Todd seconded the motion. All were in favor.

On March 5, 1985, Lucy Hinshaw Crater made a gift of land, Hinshaw Gardens, and was adopted by the Board of Commissioner on this day. Commissioner Donald Moxley made the motion to accept the gift.  The motion was seconded by Commissioner Lee Zachary. All approved in accepting the gift. Along with the gift of land, Mrs. Crater gave a gift of $80,000 to the Town of Yadkinville for the care and maintenance of Hinshaw Gardens.

In October 1983, Lucy contacted a sculpture artist by the name of Jano Farkas to sculpture a marble statue of her father, Sylvester Tippett Hinshaw.

Hinshaw Gardens is located at 715 West Main Street and operated by the Town of Yadkinville.  The grounds are maintained by Mr. Steve Gardner and Town staff.  While the garden is open to the public, it can be rented for weddings, family reunions, photography sessions, and other special occasions.  For rental information, please contact the Yadkinville Town Hall at (336) 679-8732.

Hinshaw Garden Reservation Request And Rules